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Disabled and Pregnant

Disabled and Pregnant

6 years ago I was pregnant with our 2nd baby. The sweetest little girl. And like every other mother would do I also wanted to get pictures during my pregnancies. Here I’m 36 weeks pregnant – the first pictures with our first one.

We went to the doctors several times during both pregnancies just to make sure that everything was in the right order. And it was during my 1st pregnancy with my son I was very scared if I could manage everything because of my disability. 

Like in many other cases I found a way true out the difficult parts and always found a solution which was satisfied for me and NOT least for my son.So being pregnant again and only a year after the first one didn’t scare me.In Denmark we live in a great wellfare system. During the day I have assistance to help me with the things I can’t do with my arms. So they naturally also helped me during the day when my husband went to work during my maternal leave. was the amazing photographer. Ihave known Tina since before our wedding where she took som boudoir-photos of me. She is a photographer, who sees me instead of my disability. I love her for that.

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