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Snow is Falling

Snow is Falling

Finally snow has come to Denmark and last week this little girl and her big brother were out playing in the snow.

My little girl and Olaf 🙂

Let’s Play in the Snow

Because of my disability I am not able to play and sleigh with them by my self as much about as I’d like to. And yesterday this little girl was so sad because I couldn’t help her build a Snowman.
Daddy was at work and arrived at home again at 5:00 p.m.

Luckily we had time go out and play in the Snow when he got home to.

In a situation like this I really hate being disabled because I really want to help and play with my kids. But I can’t.

Fortunate my kids are born into a life with me as a disabled mom, so they don’t see the problems as much as I do.

And we all had an amazing afternoon before dinner.

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