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Racerunning – My first Race

Since July last year I’ve been racerunning and training my ass of so I might be able to join the National Team of Denmark. This weekend I succeded.

Last Week’s Preparation

Thursday afternoon I had the last practice of racerunning before my race this weekend.

I had to do 10 x 15 mtres explosive starts.

My little girl and I was home alone and she wanted to help me out. Actually it was quite fun because she was “The Starter” and I had no idea when she said: Two, One, Jep.

It went well and actually it was quite fun. She clearly made her opinion if it was a great start or slow start which actually made me laugh.

In this video you can see how we did it.

I love that my family are SUPPORTIVE ❤ towards my racerunning.

Friday afternoon Peter and I are off to Copenhagen where the 2 races are to be held tomorrow.

Saturday – THE DAY!

What a Day!
It all started this morning. I got classified as RR1. And I am now able to compete international.

I had 3 races . 2 at lunch-time and 1 this afternoon.
The 2 first races went very. 2 new personal rekords so I am quite satisfied. The Danish national trainer aswell.

So for now I’m just enjoying LIFE and all its facets.

So for now I’m just enjoying LIFE and all its facets.

Yesterday evening when we watched the European championship Denmark vs. Finland and a Danish player fell to the ground and no one knew if he would survive, I realized once again how fragile life can be and that no one knows what tomorrow brings.

So if you’re reading this remember to live day by day and appreciate who and what surrounds you.

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a nice day.

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