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What’s your Theory about Life?

Do you know what to do with your life?
Do you know your weaknesses?
Are you enjoying LIFE?

My Goals in Life

I definitely know what to do with my life and yes I am enjoying life even though I have a physical disability. I live by the fact seeing all possibilities in life. And NO that’s not the same as walking around with a smiley face all the time. Definitely not! But it gives me meaning and focus in life.

No one knows the purpose in life but I hope my purpose in life is to enlighten people about diversity around disabled people.

My life is fantastic even though I have caretakers around me 27 hours a week. I am so grateful that we live in a welfare country like Denmark.

I am able to live the life I want with family, good education, work, sports etc.

How I live my life is up to me. No one else!

And it’s up to you, how you live your life. Just keep a Positive Mindset in mind. And NO it isn’t easy. If it was supposed to be easy everyone would do would in a Flash!

I have goals in life and when I have achieved those I am making new ones outside my Comfort Zone. I hate when I make those goals. I love expanding my comfort zone.You should try it out.

A year ago I took a course on Oppeteori. A theory which makes you see thing in another and positive perspective. Not that it was a problem for me in the 1st place but then again… I learned how to say STOP where I always until then have apologised for my fx. disability, being rather slow or just staying away from things.

Wauw that was quite some writing I did here. Thank you so much for following me and thank you so much for reading this message. I wish you all a great weekend 🌞

Love from




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